Image: Alex Baams

Laura Baams works as an assistant professor at the Pedagogy and Educational Sciences Department at the University of Groningen.

Overall, Laura’s research addresses health disparities among LGBTQ youth, and how these can be exacerbated or diminished by social environmental factors.

Research questions Laura aims to answer are:  What mechanisms underlie the development of health disparities, such as depression and suicidality, among LGBTQ youth? How can we encourage social (structural) changes that foster a positive development for LGBTQ youth?

Teaching: In 2018/2019, Laura will coordinate and teach the following courses: Gender, Sexuality and Diversity in Education (PAMIN11), Contemporary Youth Issues (with Dr. Tina Kretschmer; PAMAY205), Writing a Research Proposal (PAMAY105), and Methods in Youth Research (PAMAY104).

Service: Laura serves on the editorial boards of Archives of Sexual Behavior and Kind & Adolescent. Laura is the vice-chairpersonof the ethics committee in the Department of Pedagogy and Educational Sciences, University of Groningen.

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