Media Coverage

Book review of dissertation

 2015   De Graaf, H. (2015) Literatuurbulletin. Tijdschrift voor Seksuologie, 39, 180-181.

Research coverage by Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO)

2016   Pubers in bed: Hoe ziet het seks- en liefdesleven van jongeren eruit? Experiment NL

2015   Baams, L., Van de Bongardt, D., Dalenberg, W. G., & Doornwaard, S. (2015). Project STARS: Studies on Trajectories of Adolescent Relationships and Sexuality. Invited presentation at the Concluding Symposium of the NWO Research Program Youth and Family (Jeugd en Gezin), held in Utrecht, the Netherlands, 26 November, 2015.

2015   Large-scale study describes sexuality of Dutch youth, NWO

2015   Sex and romance’ among Dutch teenagers described. First longitudinal study in the Netherlands into love and sex among adolescents, NWO

2015   The role of personal characteristics in sexual development. Personal interview about PhD-project with NWO (pp. 21-23).

Radio / Podcast

2021   Podcast, Praten over Depressie, met LHBTI’s link / unedited version

2020   Podcast, HvA Kopzorgen, Diversiteit in gender link

2020   Podcast, 3FM by Joram Kaat, Is een Pride-week nodig?

2015   Radio interview, BNR Nieuwsradio by Tom van ’t Hek, de Ochtendspits

Magazines (selection)

2019  Stilte tegen pesten, One World Magazine, May issue

2019  Victimisatie en mentale gezondheid van lhbt-jongeren, De Psycholoog

2017   Bullying and the Bottom Line, Teaching Tolerance, Fall issue

2016   Hoe ziet het seks- en liefdesleven van jongeren eruit? Pubers in bed. Quest, Experiment NL.

2016   Een leven lang seks: Zo doen we het. Psychologie Magazine.

2015   Liever romantiek dan seks, 7 Days, weekkrant voor jongeren

Newspapers (selection)

2021  School duwt kinderen ongevraagd uit de kast, NRC

2020   Stel dat mijn kind aseksueel is, hoe erover te praten? NRC

2020   Hoe bereid je een dochter voor op menstruatie? NRC

2015   Tieners vinden romantiek belangrijker dan seks, Algemeen Dagblad

2015   Romantiek voor jongeren belangrijker dan seks, Telegraaf

Websites (selection)

2019    Study shows higher rates of LGBTQ youth found in foster care or unstable housing, The Daily Texan

2019   LGBTQ youth are flooding the child welfare system, but they’re treated the worst, LGBTQ Nation

2019   Unfortunately, It Isn’t Getting Better for Many LGBTQ Youth, Psychology Today

2019   LGB Youth Twice as Likely to End Up in US Foster Care, University of Maryland

2018   Queer College Students Seek Mental Health Care, LGBT HealthLink

2018   The toll of adverse events on LGBTQ teens, Contemporary Pediatrics

2018   New Studies Examine Mental Health Challenges For LGBTQ Youth, Huffington Post

2018   Studies take closer look at mental health challenges for LGBTQ youth, Reuters

2018   Transgender Kids Face High Risk of Mental Health Woes, HealthDay

2017   If Teachers Squashed Bullying, Maybe Schools Wouldn’t Be So Broke, Good Magazine

2017   Bullying’s Hidden Cost: Schools Lose Millions of Dollars When Kids Stay Home, Education Week

2017   UT-Austin study: Student bullying costs districts millions, Houston Chronicle

2017   Bullying-related absences cost schools hundreds of millions of dollars, study says, American School and University

2017   School Bullying Also Affects Financial Health Of Schools, Texas Researchers Find ,

2017   Bullying Takes Financial Toll on U.S. School Districts , US News

2017   New UT Study shows economic cost of bullying, The Daily Texan

2017   Why does bullying cost California schools $276 million every year?, Sacramento Bee

2017   How bullying costs schools millions in lost funding, Futurity

2017   Bullying-related absences cost schools hundreds of millions of dollars, study says, American School and University

2015   Romantiek voor jongeren belangrijker dan seks,

2015   Romantiek wint het van seks bij jongeren, Vrouw

2015   Jongeren zijn helemaal niet zo veel bezig met seks, RTL Nieuws

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